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  ¡Descubre español!

AP Exam Practice: Tito Puente—Biography and Interview

As you read about and listen to Tito Puente, look for cognates, connections, and collectable vocabulary.  You will be surprised
how much you'll understand! 



*Sounds/Looks like a word in English*


*I can figure it out using what  I know in Spanish and English*


*Not easy to make a connection.  I’m just going to have to skip over this word!*

Ejemplo: el órgano

Razón: Looks very similar to ‘organ’ in English and means ‘organ’ in English!











Ejemplo: grupos locales

Razón: We know that adjectives usually follow nouns in Spanish, so we can assume that ‘grupos locales’ means  ‘local groups’.


Razón: We can’t really connect this word to anything.  We’ll just have to skip over the word ‘jóvenes’ and concentrate on finding words we can understand.

Reading comprehension chart courtesy of Alyson Young