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  ¡Descubre español!

Práctica para el examen AP
--Concentrating on text you do understand without being overly concerned about unfamiliar words
--Identifying key concepts in written and auditory materials
--Identifying similarities and differences among several resources
--Synthesizing concepts from several sources into a well organized essay

1. As you listen to an authentic news report in Spanish, take notes in the first column below.
2.  Read “Desafíos de una futbolista palestina” and “Estoy casada con el balón” and take brief notes in columns 2 and 3.
3.  You will have one class period to write an essay in Spanish in which you blend and refer to each of the 3 sources. 
    Click here to see the AP Spanish Language exam scoring rubric. 
    Essay topic: ¿Cómo son los desafíos de una futbolista femenina?

Fuente auditiva

Fuente escrita 1

Fuente escrita 2