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  ¡Descubre español!

Práctica para el examen AP
--Concentrating on text you do understand without being overly concerned about unfamiliar words
--Using context clues such as photographs to enhance understanding
--Identifying key concepts in written and auditory materials
--Identifying similarities and differences among several resources
--Synthesizing concepts from several sources into a well organized essay

1.  As you read two articles (Un adolescente con autoestima " and "Las adolescentes están optando por la cirugía plástica y el aumento de busto"),
     concentrate on taking notes on the main ideas presented in each article.  Don't be concerned about the words you don't understand.  You will be able
     to recognize enough cognates and familiar Spanish phrases to understand the main idea of both articles.
2.  Listen to the auditory resource, an interview session with RBD, in which the band members are asked what they would change about themselves
     if they had the opportunity.   Take brief notes summarizing how each band member answers the question.
3.  You will have one class period to write an essay in Spanish in which you blend and refer to each of the 3 sources. 
    Click here to see the AP Spanish Language exam scoring rubric. 
    Essay topic: El autoestima: ¿Cómo se logra?

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