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Samples of elements in painting

Color and Value

The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew
Jusepe de Ribera 1628

Lupe Marín 
Diego Rivera 1938
Dark, somber colors, dark values, little contrast in values Light colors, light values, some contrast in values

Texture and Contrast

Mujeres en el jardín
Alfredo Ramos Martínez

Large view of Painting
Joan Miró 1953
Light, soft colors, fluffy texture, blurred curved lines , little contrast in values Stronger colors, some blurred texture, interrupted by strong contrasts of color, value and line

Color and Contrast

The Kerosene Lamp
The Kerosene Lamp
Joan Miró 1924
Pablo Picasso. Studio with Plaster Head.
Studio with Plaster Head
Pablo Picasso 1925
Monochromatic: one color family, virtually no color contrast Colors from several color families, strong color contrast


Fernando Botero 

Don Quixote
José Guadalupe Posada
Rounded, full shapes that appear to have volume and weight Angular shapes that appear to be hollow and weightless

Visual Texture

La Pareja (The Couple) 1990
La pareja
Rufino Tamayo 1990

Orgullo de familia
Simón Silva
Blurry, fuzzy, soft visual texture Clear, cool, shiny visual texture


Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies
Vincent Van Gogh 1890

Bumpy, rough surface texture; thick brush strokes

Surface Texture

El Parasol
Francisco Goya 1777

Smooth, fine surface texture; virtually invisible brush strokes

Movement and Space

El agitador
Diego Rivera 1927
Bleu II / Blue II, Joan Miro
Blue II
Joan Miró
Horizontal movement, overcrowded space, sense of agitation and tension Horizontal movement, 
 open space, sense of ease and expansiveness


Tarsila do Amaral 1928
Pablo Picasso. Jacqueline with Crossed Hands.
Jacqueline with Crossed Hands
Pablo Picasso 1954
Rounded, curved, fluid lines, sense of flexibility and elasticity Hard, straight, stiff lines, sense of rigidity and harshness




Leonardo DaVinci

Mona Lisa

Léopold Boilly 1761-1845

Grimacing Man







                                        Diego Rivera                              

de Goya

Francisco de Goya. The Clothed Maja (La Maja Vestida).
 La maja vestida