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Claudio Bravo: Biografía

Claudio Bravo (3) was born in Valparaiso, Chile in 1936. From an early age he was fascinated by the works of the great artists, Rafael, Rembrandt, Titian, Francisco de Zurbarán and, of course, Diego Velázquez.

He, like most of his contemporaries, studied with Miguel Venegas Cifuentes, an artist and architect, who was well known for his beautiful and masterful works.

After he completed his studies he began his work in Santiago and Concepción. In time he would go to Europe and Northern Africa, where he found intrigue in the objects of the Arab world.

He enjoyed painting such things as people in turbans and veils and pointed shoes.(4) During this period, he decided to buy a home in Tangiers. He continues to live and work in both Morocco and Chile.

Eventually, Bravo made his way to the United States. He exhibited work in the prestigious Marlborough Gallery in New York, where he still is being represented. (4) Bravo has known success that is rare for contemporary artists, his works have sold for as much as a million dollars. Still he continues to explore new ideas.

He has had a great interest throughout his career, in representing textures and surfaces. His latest exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery in New York was completely dedicated to this end. (5) He made a series of pastel drawings and paintings depicting close-ups of garments that are intended to engender memories of clerics’ robes. His sense of color and drama are apparent as much in these paintings of fabric as they were in his previous exotic portraits and still life paintings.

I still know very little about who this man is and how he feels about the world, but I’m pleased to have found this book and to know that such an artist is so well respected in this post modern era.

We have spent several decades now exploring how we can express ourselves visually with less and less content and more and more concept. It is refreshing and stimulating to be able to bathe our eyes in the rich colors and images that allow our imaginations to soar.

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