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El coquí

Coquí guard their eggs and care for their froglets!!
Listen to the coquí!


Coquí eggs develop 
on land without a tadpole stage!!

     The legend goes that once upon a time, Ignacio, the native Puerto Rican parrot and  King of the Forest, called all the animals for a meeting.  He thought that the animals had gotten lazy from enjoying the Trade Winds and getting suntans.  He called for a race among the best of each animal with the winner receiving a special gift.  All the animals kept lounging around except the tree frogs.  They were training and working hard, encouraging Pepito, their leader,  with their silent cheers for tree frogs could not emit a sound.   They knew that since they were the smallest animals in the forest, it was going to be hard for them to win.  Well, Pepito won the race...and Ignacio blessed the tiny tree frogs with the ability to sing.  Now they sing for all Puerto Rico.