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Práctica para el examen AP
Skill: organizing information from multiple resources
The presentational writing section of the AP Spanish Language Exam requires the student to write an essay in which she synthesizes information gained from three sources:
two authentic written sources, and one authentic auditory source.  It is important for the essay to refer specifically to all three of the source materials, as described on the
AP Spanish Language Exam Rubric. The following materials provide Spanish 1 students with a first introduction to the AP Spanish Language Exam experience.  The purpose
of this introductory activity is for the student to practice the skill of organizing and synthesizing information gained from multiple sources.

Instructions to the student:  The three resources linked below are lists of fashion don'ts taken from authentic Spanish language resources.  After you read the three lists,
brainstorm 2 broad categories of advice and organize the fashion advice into the 2 categories.   You are practicing the skill of synthesizing information, which means blending
ideas into one broad concept.  Your category title should be a concept that encompasses all of the items listed in the category.

Imagine that you had read an article in a vacation magazine and that you were synthesizing information from that article.
Example of organization that is NOT skillful synthesis: "Category 1: casual clothes, dressy clothes, and swimwear"
Example that IS skillful synthesis:  "Category 1: clothing to pack for your cruise"

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